Ray Donley Painting, 2000


According to Ray, “I’m wanting very passionately to say something about the human condition, and I think that’s what great art does. It jolts us into taking a refined look at our situation and the kind of world we inherited, maybe to promote change, I don’t know. These individuals that I create 99 percent of them through my imagination are on a journey, some sojourn: getting lost, getting found, setting out. Perhaps suggesting that we’re all lost in some emotional, spiritual, psychological, cosmological way. That’s been the burden of my art since I announced to the world that I was an artist.”

Ray is a contemporary portrait artist that currently lives in Austin, Texas. He has been exhibiting since 1981 in galleries, museums and universities throughout the United States, Europe and Mexico.

Modern, United States, 2000
29.50″H x 29.50″W x 1.25″D

Item: Art